You have my heart…

You have my heart
A wondrous part of my soul
My love shines red for you
But yours is true deep gold.

I don’t know how to live without you
Although I haven’t truly lived with you
I know I’l have to allow you to live without me
Yet I melt to nothing without you.

I said this to you long back
And even now it holds true
I will love you forever
No matter what life brings through.

You need to carry on
To get what you truly deserve too
And I wish we could find it together
More than you would think I’d ever do.

You deserve to be in love with someone
Who’s in love truly madly deeply with you
And even though I love you with my whole heart
We both know something is missing too.

But it’s not love for you sweetheart that fails me now
It’s just love for life and preserving that somehow.

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