He sits right there
Calm, quiet, serene..
Almost a tiny smile on his face.

They all stand
In shock, disbelief, sorrowed..
Faces all over stained with tears.

No one wants to pay much attention to him.
He doesn’t care that they don’t.
He is looking at all of them…
While they all look.. somewhere else.

Everything seems out of place.
People rushing in and out..
Solemn faces, hurt faces.. grief sits in the atmosphere.

He doesn’t move from his place.
The need for rush has left him..
Carrying an atmosphere with an aura of peace around him.

They just can’t accept the reality of it all!
He always knew what was going to happen.
They don’t understand why this happened!
He had been paying attention while it all was unfolding.
They all wonder what to do now..
He did everything while anything could have been done.
They all wish they could have done more..
He doesn’t wish. Even without realizing, he did more than one could.

They do wonder why he doesn’t care..
He sits.. unaffected.

They wonder how this could not bother him..
He sits.. unaffected.

They see his stoicism and wonder why he doesnt move or react..
He sits.. unaffected.

I see him sitting right now and I have seen him before.
He cared.. Made the effort everyday
He acted.. Did everything to prolong the onset of this day
He bothered.. Every moment, every hour, every day..
He did.. Everything that pushed the inevitable until today.

He sits right there
Calm, quiet, serene..
He did everything yet his son is gone.
They stand to pay respects today to the one that has gone.
But he stood by..
Everyday while he was here.. Since he was born.

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