The Runner’s Wall

Hitting the wall
Running low on glycogen
Dramatic fatigue
Energy… 10%.. 9%… 5%

Like a runner in a marathon
30 miles accomplished, remaining 12 to go..
The wall appears.

Bonk bonk
The muscle-glycogen bonk, the mind’s working but the body’s quit
The blood-glucose bonk, the body’s working but the mind has quit
Or the everything bonk, the all encompassing sorry stew of errors, misdirection, fate, defeat, madness and emotion

As long as it isn’t the hallucinating bonk
Imagining little leprechauns running beside
Carrying pots full of all desires, wishes and hopes to present across
Without even reaching the end of the rainbow

Or is it just the interval..
To resume to a stronger half..

There is the desire for motivation to hold on
To take that next stride and the next
Till that wall doesn’t stall

The idea of lying down on the pavement is so tempting!!

When every molecule inside is leading to sedition
Complete chaos in the head
Like every muscle of a runner is in rebellion to prevent a total collapse
Mind body and soul

And then, hopefully..
Just like the GPRS lady says

Reigniting the fire..
Starting with the very spark of movement
Like muscle cells powering their contractions through continual breaking and reconnecting of a chain of molecules
Creating their bonds anew, energy holding together bonds

And time will tell
With the stride after that and the next
Only the true effort to an attempt
Whether the bonds hold on to break that wall
Whether the procreation of bonds could conquer… A million runner’s walls.

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