Being Gregarious…

As humans we are gregarious by nature
And yet it is amazingly difficult to keep our relationships longstanding
Or just standing in most cases

Relationship – The state of being connected
But how does one stay connected
Or disconnect
Or reconnect
Or what even connects two people

Friendship love affection faith trust
All emotions
And emotions are transitory transient
Felt so differently by the two people even in the same situation
That they are hardly ever transparent

Not just to the world
To the other person
But to I me myself

And because of the way one sees the ‘I me myself’
I – The ego

The ego… about oneself
About the view of oneself
About the separation of one from the rest

And how can a relationship exist, truly..
when there is this separation
If emotion is based on this self and on that separation

Then relationship
That connection
That friendship
That faith
Changing based on the self
Looking different based on the self
Perceiving differently based on the self
Is nothing but a manifestation of that self in an equation with others

And if perception changes constantly
So does the self, the I
And so does the view of that manifestation

Humans are gregarious by nature
Not cause they need to coexist
But that’s how the self can view and review itself
Can reflect
Can connect..
To itself
And to the universe.

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