Still. And Loud.

We all have an instinct
About various schemes of things
Actions, consequences, feelings
And sometimes even dreams.

Sometimes we follow them
Sometimes we choose to resist
But mostly as life goes on
We think its best to desist.

My instinct often acts as my augur
Through signs, impressions or a hunch.
But my brain responds, if I follow it
I am on the path to self destruct.

My heart often tells me, be in the moment,
Let your soul wander this earth.
You have one life to live completely
And nestle in the whole world.

So I ignite those fires in me,
Worth a thousand passions to feed.
I let those emotions cascade…
Fall louder than a thousand waterfalls.
The rumpus of all those thoughts
Creating a thousand storms to fight.
The shivers deep within the core
Causing a thousand fault lines.

All that ravage inside me
Leads to serenity outside,
For what happens inside
Senses the illusions that live outside.

The world lives within this soul
The body floats in a cloud…
The movement within this soul
Becomes the stillness of it’s shroud .
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