There’s sand in my feet,
Starfish on the sand,
My toes edge to you,
The fish edges to the stars.

The stars fall down on us
From the heavens up above,
Wrapping us up in their embrace
They are the heavens’ open arms.

The rain starts to pour over
The love from those stars,
The clouds decide to let go
All the love held in their heart.

And as we stand underneath
The wonder showered upon us,
Our fingers reach up above
Finding home in each others touch.

We get soaked through the skin,
Time decides to stretch apart…
A thousand worlds are revisited,
As eyes intertwine the travelled paths.

As we walk back together,
You see a starfish stuck in sand,
The sand full from the rains,
The starfish embraced by sand.

Your fingers reach for the starfish,
The starfish reaches to you,
And as it finds itself in its ocean,
My heart finds itself… in you.

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