Residue of a Dream

The music of the ocean..
The silence of the stars..
The magic in that stillness..
The memory that will last.

And as embers flow out of this fire,
To reach the sky and become stars,
Fireflies dance all around the trees,
The wind singing songs of our dreams.

Where the sun rises daily
From behind sugarcane fields.
Where carnivals and bonfires live
In lands on the east.

Where pixie like effervescence
Surrounds the lofty gondolier.
Where the sky turns a vivid pink 
Before the white of the moon appears.

Where before clouds cast a shadow,
The sky gets spangled with stars.
Where before twilight chooses to leave,
A thousand different shades color the sky.

The moment always unexpected, times it may be.
When rays scintillate my eye and ask me to see.
Yet something moves behind the veil I don’t perceive.
But it seems to grow in strength and that I do feel.

And as the sun comes up through those faraway trees
All that I am left with… is the residue of a dream.

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