Just by looking.

Just want to keep staring at you…
Every minute,
Every second,
Every moment,
That there is… 
I try to look away again and again, 
Realizing it might not be appropriate.
Yet I just keep coming back,
Cause I cant take my eyes off you…
‘Cause I want to remember…
The exact shape of your eyes,
How peaceful they look in this moment in time;
The textures of your lips,
The exact color, the curve, just how they feel;
The size of those ears,
And how even they’ve always managed to look adorable.
I want to remember…
How your hair fall,
The exact length of that beard,
Each different mark on your face…
The ones that give you sooooo much character!
I want to remember…
Just how the sleeves of your jacket crease;
And just the angle of your lapel,
How it’s perfect from one side
While the other side pops up a bit… 
Just like you… finding that pop. 
I want to remember…
Just how your hands are right now;
How the fingers are intertwined with each other,
And that rosary interwined in those fingers,
And wow, how it sparkles the light off the sun!
I want to remember…
The color of your tie, 
The shape of your suit,
The shoes although I couldn’t see them, 
And the scent of your perfume.
I want to remember this image, 
This sight of you, 
And such a beautiful one it is.. 
Peaceful, gentle, calm, liberating.. 
Filling my soul, expanding it sooooooo…
Till it wishes to explode! 
I really want to remember… 
Everything I see,
Everything I feel,
Everything we felt 
and everything you mean.
As I know once the nails are in, 
Once that coffin is set… 
I will never get to see you again. 
I will never be able to feel..
Just by having you in front of me…
Just by looking. 
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