Beautiful rainbows
That I saw…
In the horizon.

The ones I made,
The ones that are illusions,
The ones that I needed to appear just at that moment…
Just at that horizon.

A man said that a dog found a rainbow
And now, dogs are color blind!
So even when I cant see the colors…
I hope I discover mine.

The marvel of the lavenders and violets
The magnificence of the indigo and its royalty
The calmness of the blue sea
The prosperity of the forest’s green
The warmth of the yellow sun
The vibrance of that goldfish’s orange
And the love!… in that red heart.

With all its colors glorious!
Each one showing it’s own beauty…
Each color as majestic… if not more.
Making every breath worthwhile.

My rainbow is going to be radiant!
Iris making the path between earth and my own heaven…
With just one raindrop
And a ray of sunlight.

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