Magic Tricks

The magic tricks in loving things..
Those tender smiles
That nibbling kiss
A sweet caress
That can put anyone to sleep.

The magic tricks in all good things..
The dipped toe in the ocean
That raindrop on my cheek
Staying up till sunrise
As the world wakes up, the sense of being alive.

The magic tricks in tempting things..
The chocolaty sin
The rush from a high
A strangers glance
And his simple sigh!

The magic tricks in little things..
A white rose
A playful note
That perfect little line said
Just to make me feel divine!

Each moment a second… maybe two
Remembered for a thousand… maybe more
Those loving, tempting, good, little things..
Making my heart beat faster or maybe skip a beat!

My magic tricks
Come through simple things
From simple beings… Simplifying me.

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