I Think I Have a Voice

I think I have a voice..
Even if it’s small sometimes..
Even if it just gets lost sometimes..
Or fades.

I am sure I used to have a louder one,
A clearer one..

But all things tall and proud and loud…
Do have moments when they shake, stumble, fumble, flail.

The mightier they are,
The longer it takes to find their balance again..
Their stand again.

Newer roots..
Sometimes a newer base altogether..
A new foundation in the extreme cases!

As long as there is persistence,
The voice will recover.
To become a clearer one.

Hopefully with.. the original melody intact,
Its expression crystal,
Uttering the impressions its meant to convey.

Finding its strength,
Its baritone, tenor and alto..
Its majesty!

With all the pride it used to carry
And the humility that refined it..

Giving it… its true range.

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