Lost in Transit

A piece of baggage..
Going from one port to another
The owner did have a plan when he sent me along
But the universe got confused
Fluffed where I was to be headed

Started somewhere
Only to figure that it wasn’t where I was supposed to be.
Was meant to be sent somewhere else
Baggage tag… lost somewhere along the way
The mission… unknown

The path was still there… with me somewhere in the middle of it
But without the destination point, it didn’t know where to lead
Went along anyway
Had to be the only choice left
Quitting midway just didn’t seem to make sense…

Moving along’s the only way
Hopefully a sense of familiarity, belonging might click in
Hopefully the older familiar path wouldn’t make me resist THIS journey
Maybe just the path might seem worth the travel
Maybe a new path altogether might show itself
Leading to another destination than presupposed all together

Going along with it with all that I have in me
Willing to be open to see what lies ahead of me

Who knows..
Maybe the tag was removed deliberately
Maybe being lost in transit my path, my truth intentionally

Choosing my own destination…
His true plan… for my destiny.

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