People talk of choices
Making them
And that is what makes them
And gives them the belief that they are better than the ones who don’t

So I ask
Is making a choice enough
What if there are only two bad choices to pick from?
Where would either choice get you..

And even if not, and you think..
You know.
You made the right choice for you
Would that make it the right choice from any other perspective?

To anyone else that is connected
To anything else that is connected

If each of us made a choice that is right for us
If each of us was capable of doing that

It would still probably keep the world chaotic
We all would still end up hurting each other

Or actually,
Could it be worse?

Cause everyone is looking out just for themselves
And their own black and white
Maybe having no corelation to anyone else
But even then affecting their lives

So to all who are proud to have made some choices
Maybe we should step back and think about this
Think about our choice
Even though we might stand by all of them
And carry them with pride

It might be right for the ‘I’
And it might be right for now
Who knows… It might just be all right

But time is relative
And so is choice
To what ‘I’ believe today
And what only ‘I’ believe is right .

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