I have an elfin dreamcatcher above me,
Disenchanted though it seems to be…
Its potent web yarned to only entangle,
Cliched nightmares of the night breeze.

The legend of sorcery proclaims evil spirits,
Gallivanting the earth riding on winds.
The catchers protect one in the darkness,
Only pristine beauty gently charms through.

With a slender willow hoop as the giizi,
A turquoise stone, the spider guarding the web,
Peacock feathers for chimeras to glide down softly,
A powerful talisman it should tend to make.

But what this catcher doesn’t seem to gather…
Is that beauty doesn’t happen to me…
That love is my unrelenting nightmare…
And no dreams… the elusive fantasy.


I need a bewitched dreamcatcher,
To trap down these sprightly dreams,
That make me dare for wanderlust…
Manifesting views that leave me spellbound.

With no scattered beads across the web,
Set to sparkle like good dreams at morn,
No eye in the middle for reveries to seep…
No eye for illusions that hollow hearts.

For the tiny black eyes have to acknowledge,
It’s not the fault of our spirits or stars…
Just the impressions of an entranced vision,
That allows for darkness to be filled with stars.

The weary eyes will then get to heal a little.
Be beyond the magical potential of beings.
Released from the evil of impassioned vagaries…
Finally sleeping an uninterrupted terminal peace.


I’ll have to weave my own dreamcatcher,
As tradition teaches for mythical authenticity.
Unique parts to carry a quaint life’s imprint…
So aurora can vanquish all phantasms that dawn.

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