Traces of You

I see traces of you in my colored sight… under blemished light.
I see traces of you in your fragmented eyes,
and the seemingly indubitable collected act.

I see the traces of you in words unsaid.. the papered thought.
I see traces of you in love withheld,
and violence partaken in for the absolute power of ‘I’.

I see traces of you in animate objects… and inanimate life.
I see traces of you in innocence incapable of adults,
and stark violence thought incapable of a child.

I see traces of you in the fallen remains.. the unfaltering walk.
I see traces of you in an earnest pledge,
and promises to be unkept from the outset.

I see traces of you in the smile of the sun,
In the scent of an old book, the fragrance of coffee beans,
In the orange moon… in a rose candle,
In a single music note and a little dance step.

There are traces of you
Even if traces are all that’s left
For those traces stay unblemished
No matter how much you destruct.

So for dear life, hold onto them…
Put yourself in the way of beauty every today to come;
The warmth of the sun, the becalming moon,
The kindness within you to love your fatal mistakes.

So for dear life, love life again…
Allow yourself to be the most you could be of your best self;
The unbound heart, the immense intellect,
The fiery artist and a grain of the mystic spirit.

I see traces of you in every heart fulfilled… as yours will be.
I see traces of you in acts of kindness, you’ll personify someday.
For it’s not love.. I give you my dreams,
For not just dreams.. you have my irreverent belief.

For love doesn’t surrender.. to witness you fade away,
For you cannot desecrate.. even for preservation’s sake.
There are just traces of me and not a shadow left…
Without the traces of your iridescence to make my silhouette.

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