Counting my blessings
For all that is right,
Keeping those experiences
That found me despite.

The lessons I have learnt,
The dreams I don’t anymore,
Challenges that found me,
And all that’s to come afore.

Allowing emotion gravity,
Giving sensibility place,
All of them opportunities
For generosity and grace.

My wondering little eyes
Wish to continue to view,
With honesty and kindness
Towards me and to you.

So I try to appreciate
The truth that’s at hand,
What’s yours is mine
Even if it’s a fistful of sand.

The question persists…
Perhaps only faith could strive.
For sight to choose past
Those familiarities of life.

The unrealized dreams,
My simplistic hopes,
Some wayward instincts,
Those blemished sights… 

All of them be beautiful
Blessings in disguise.


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