An illusion we conjured together..
That you didn’t seem to see.
Some people call that magic..
Visible to only those who believe.

And as I give up on faith,
I haven’t lost faith in you.
And then there’s this trust…
Even when knowing couldn’t be.

It doesn’t come from my mind,
It doesn’t come from my heart,
Manifesting from somewhere else…
As if the universe had its resolve.

The paper lamps illuminating my soul,
The coconut trees giving it shade,
The breeze chanting a hymn…
With the planes that flew above.

I’ll keep my box of treasures,
Filled with stars from the sky..
Filled with every sea wave..
That inundated our vaulted hearts.

Filled with moments past,
When time decided to freeze.
Filled with our memories,
As I continue to walk past.

Even if I didn’t know….
Your heart had already been blown to parts…
Even if I want to stop hurting….
I don’t want love to leave my heart.

You may have chosen to walk away,
But you’ll be a part of my consumed heart.
Even as all of it becomes make-believe…
Our world’s an unbelievably majestic farce.

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