In The Moment

Living in the moment…
Needs a certain something.
An ability
To be reckless
To take all things, beings and their existence
As temporary.

To take your own existence
As temporary

Cause once I can do that
I can enjoy this moment
Just about with anyone
Or just with no one.

To take responsibility
For only my desires
My thoughts
My actions…

To believe myself to be the same as you
You responsible for you and me for me.

That ensures happiness today.. now..
In just this moment.

So if this was the last moment I was alive…
I was happy in it.
That is a good enough end to know
A good enough last feeling to feel
And a good enough reason
To live…
In the moment!

And then again,
Living in the moment
For it to be true
To be real
Be significant
I have realized takes a little something else too.

The ability to truly appreciate…

Living every moment of it
Learning from each one lived
Enjoying it to its most for what it’s worth.

The simple happiness that the ones who matter can bring to you
The joy that you can bring to yourself
The meaning it can give
In just a moment.

The moment though transient…
Memories… eternal.

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