I found my way to the edge of the ocean,
To learn from her seasoned sagacity.
I traversed to the top of the mountain,
To embrace the world in its sublimity.
A sojourn to my tree and my roots,
To seek the soil of familiar ground.
As friends found each other in this jungle,
I found my own island of radiant warmth.

As the wind breathes through the thin cotton of the dress…
The warmth doesn’t hold, next to the chill down the spine.
White sand glides down the holes in my tiny pockets,
As palms dig for sanctuary, hiding from relentless storms.

Sitting atop the mountain…
It’s such a wonder for sight.
Sitting next to the ocean…
Each breath holds the scent of life.
A rare moment with a kindred spirit,
The shared silence is a salve.
As loved ones hold in embrace…
Touch turns stones to soft white sand.

I thought if I can seek everywhere I could think of…
I could fill my pocket with shimmering white sand.
But the devious holes mischief to melt away,
The ephemeral iridescence from my amaranthine pursuit.

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